Buying nice containers for things

In my opinion, one of the best and easiest places to impress people is in your own home. If you’re a single male living with roommates - great! Even easier, because everybody’s expectations of your interior design skills will be lower than their expectations of service at Chinese restaurants. If not, still good. Sidebar, if you’re one of those people who leave one-star Yelp reviews on Chinese restaurants for bad service: stop it. You’re annoying.

Anyway, a perfect place to start upping your home’s impressiveness game is finding nice containers for all of you and your roommates’ loose items. For example, instead of leaving all of your pencils on your desk, why not put them in a beaker?

Boom. Now you look like an artistic scientist. Although who has that many of the same pencil? ( Image Source )

Boom. Now you look like an artistic scientist. Although who has that many of the same pencil? (Image Source)

Or instead of shoving your tea and coffee into the pantry between your month-old Chex Mix and 50-pack of top ramen, get a nice wooden tray to display your sophisticated taste in caffeination to your guests on your counter.

SO classy. ( Image Source )

SO classy. (Image Source)

Still have your old laundry hamper from your college dorm room circa Target 2006? First, gross. Get rid of it, please. And then get a handmade linen basket with French writing screenprinted onto it or something.

Très vintage. ( Image Source )

Très vintage. (Image Source)

Buying nice containers also gives you permission to be really disorganized. Throwing lots of random crap into something pretty is totally okay. And if you run out of space in your first something pretty, just buy another one! If you're feeling advanced, buy something different - mismatched pieces add character and warmth to a room. If you're not feeling advanced, that's okay! Remember, we're only aiming for a B+.