OTF: What we read this week

So we had something way more exciting planned for this week, but we procrastinated, so it didn’t happen. It’s totally worth waiting for, though. Probably. We hope. You know, we just won’t tell you what it is. If another OTF seems particularly impressive, uh, that was the thing that was supposed to go up today.

Instead, we’ll share some things we read/listened to/watched this week, with some pithy commentary.


Watched: The new Kanye video. So, I don’t think this is the whole video, but keeping up to date on Kanye matters makes you seem at least a little pop-culturally literate. Also, some comment about North pointing at Kanye’s boots.

Read: Jean Touitou is kind of racist. Three things: 1. It sounds smart to know something relevant going on in fashion, and racism is a (sadly) universal discussion topic. 2. Jean Touitou has a ridiculous vowel to consonant ratio - 7:4. 3. It’s still related to Kanye.

Saw?: Dope haircuts. Fun fact: I am a Warriors fan, and they are good this year, and it deserves to be commemorated by being shaved into someone’s head. Just not mine.

Listened: Black Messiah. Because D’Angelo and I have similar names. Bonus points for actually being a good album.

Read: The Pursuit of Beauty. Generally, I think reading New Yorker profiles make you seem impressive to yourself. I sure felt that way. It’s also an incredible story, and it involves math, so it gets an all-around endorsement from me.


Watched: Lady Gaga sings Sting to honor Sting. The Kennedy Center Honors are always a little hit or miss for me, but Lady Gaga is crazy talented and Sting writes fantastic songs. Also, I have unapologetically commercial taste in art and music. Also, 90% of the videos I watch on Youtube are just singing videos that I may or may not have already watched before.

Read: A Leslie Knope in a World Full of Liz Lemons. Two beloved and wickedly clever television shows presented as an insightful metaphor to address real-life societal expectations of women. So much easy conversation fodder.

Saw: Myself in third person. At a work offsite, we put on these trippy goggles that hooked up to a video camera across the room, so we were viewing ourselves in third person, and then had to complete tasks with the goggles on. Cool and unique experiences are inherently impressive.

Listened: Cough Syrup, over and over again. I don’t really know what this song is about, but it’s super catchy and just obscure enough to not be embarrassing.

Okay, the commentary wasn’t that pithy, and this was sort of a cop-out. Hopefully some of the things we shared are interesting/impressive/useful. I (Angelo) can’t tell you how weird it was going through my internet history, so it better have been worth it.