Being Tidy

This will be a short post. I won’t say I’m busy, because that will violate the advice we gave around seeming busy. I’ll just let you infer.

I once had an epiphany about what makes people tidy. Angelo was over at my house, and we were in the kitchen chatting. I have a reclaimed wood tray that holds all of my tea (and tea peripherals), and Angelo picked up my two mesh tea infuser clamps from the tray and started playing with them. In case you don’t know what a tea infuser clamp is, here’s a picture.

For steeping loose leaf tea, because fancy. (   img src   )

For steeping loose leaf tea, because fancy. (img src)

After we were done chatting, and he was done making the tea infuser clamps look like they were talking to each other, he set them on the counter next to the wooden try he got them from and then walked over to my couch to watch League of Legends or something. I was flabbergasted. Why not just put them back in the tray? It was exactly the same amount of effort.

This was my revelation, and is my advice to you, reader: all it takes to be tidy is to put things back where you found them after you are done using the things. Your house will become effortlessly more impressive on a daily basis.

I didn’t think I would spend the entire post complaining about Angelo, but he was really the only character in my anecdote. Also, I’ve read his next post and he totally disses me, so I’m preemptively dissing him first. How to seem impressive: always be one step ahead.