Watching Good TV

Honesty moment: People judge people on their taste in media. Reading impressive books, watching the latest movies (or films, if you are into that sort of thing), listening to the latest album leaks, whatever. I feel like lately, though, watching the right TV is having its fifteen minutes of fame, so I’m going to tell you what television programming I think is impressive. I’m also going to tell you about all the terrible TV I actually watch.

Do watch: The thing everyone watches. Everyone loves a shared experience. The Olympics, Friends, the Oscars. It’s great conversation fodder.

I watch(ed): Boy Meets World. I think that falls in this category. I suck at TV.

Do watch: AMC, HBO, Netflix dramas. It’s a brave new world of visual storytelling. My overpriced liberal arts college had an entire class on The Wire. Watching these shows (Breaking Bad, House of Cards, et al.) gives you carte blanche on talking about TV like an insufferable intellectual.

I watch: Mediocre procedural crime dramas, like NUMB3RS. I do watch House of Cards, though.

Do watch: Quality Comedies. Historically, a lot of these have been on NBC Thursdays. The Office, Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, Brooklyn 99.  Nothing on CBS. Categorically, I think of these shows as “not the lowest common denominator.”

I watch: These! Sometimes I follow my own advice.

Do watch: BBC shows, probably. Sherlock is much better than its CBS counterpart. Top Gear is cool. Doctor Who is great for nerds and stuff. Also, it'll help you practice your British accent.

I watch: American TV, like a patriot. And Sherlock. It’s really good.

Don’t watch: Anything on the CW. Anything involving swapping wives or hunting for things, usually on the Discovery, History, Travel channels.

I watch: Two CW shows. I won’t say which.

At the end of the day, though, it’s important to remember two things. 1. You only need to be able to talk impressively about TV. You can circumvent a lot of screen-staring time by reading spoilers and intellectual commentary, if that’s your thing. 2. TV is still supposed to be fun. So, basically, like all our other advice, just fake it.

Chris basically only watches singing shows. He is the worst of us.