OTF: Having impressive friends

Other Things Friday is our blandly named series for non-how-to content that we publish on Fridays. You probably figured that out from the name.

I think we all have at least one friend that people find impressive. You might have a ton. I do. One of them is Chris. Maybe you are that impressive friend. This blog basically exists to make you that friend, but Other Things Fridays is for other things, so this post is about what I've learned while being around impressive people. It's like really bad investigative journalism.

First paragraph: Impressive people only like flattery up to a certain point. Flattery is nice and ego-inflating, and in the right context, makes you a great wingman or wingwoman; however, really impressive people are probably constantly being told how great they are at something by someone, and that someone doesn’t have to be you. It’s kind of that celebrity thing - you know, like when you imagine meeting your celebrity crush (mine is British) and you treat him or her like he or she is just a normal person, and they fall in love with you because you are honest with him or her? FYI, that link has NSFW language, but it’s funny. Anyway, it’s probably something like that. I don’t do that though. I bring up everything impressive about Chris at every opportunity to receive more death glares from him.

Second paragraph: Impressive people like other impressive people. So, if you are friends with your impressive friend, congratulations, you are probably impressive. Impressive people like other people too, I guess, but let’s focus on the positive.

Third paragraph: Having impressive friends enriches your life. For example, I probably wouldn’t have tried chimichurri if I hadn’t been friends with Chris. That’s not really true - I had it before he tried making it, but you know, you can imagine. It’s nice to have impressive friends that make you do all the stuff we write about here that you wouldn’t do on your own - cook new things, wear new things, clean new things, etc.

Fourth paragraph: I think being someone who is easily impressed makes you seem like a rube, but it makes for a fun life. People used to make fun of me a lot for thinking everyone was somehow impressive, even if their accomplishments seemed entirely unremarkable. It made me more enthusiastic about the people I’d meet, though, so you know, what kind of life do you want to live?

Conclusion: This was supposed to be a five paragraph essay but I totally messed that up. Sorry Mrs. Brewer, I tried. Anyway, no conclusion. It was hard enough writing paragraphs instead of a bunch of stupid bullets.